Servicing Employers and Employees

Servicing Employers

The essential parts of offering a qualified retirement plan to employees is ensuring that the plan meets regulatory standards and reduces liability to the employer. Assisting employers is crucial to our business. Our main focuses lie with ensuring the employer is meeting his fiduciary responsibility as the plan sponsor. We achieve this by:

  • Quality Plan Investments:
    • Helping you select high quality, low expense funds.
    • Ensuring there is a wide range of investments with varying risks and returns.
    • Systematic monitoring of investments ensuring highest quality.
  • Strategic planning to reduce the employer’s fiduciary liability.

Servicing Employees

A large part of fulfilling our obligation to employers is ensuring that we are providing quality service to the employees. Assisting employees starts with:

  • Enrolling employees into the plan efficiently.
  • Make enrollment an easy to understand process, answering any questions enrollees may have concerning the plan, it’s benefits and other general concerns.
  • Providing easy to access systems to monitor and manage portfolios as the employee see fit.
  • Assisting employees with any other financial concerns they may have.
  • Ensuring employees have quality investments that fit their investment goals.

Other Services

JKR offers a wide variety of services and products for businesses of all sizes.
We can assist with:

  • Profit Sharing Plan
  • Pension Plan
  • Deferred Compensation Plan
  • Life Insurance


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